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*NEW ebook*: "Automated Postal Center Conversions 2012-2014"

I have released a new ebook that tells the story of the USA Automated Postal Center Conversions from 2012-2014.  This ebook was entered as a philatelic literature entry at the NY2016 International Stamp Show held in New York City from May 28 - June 4, 2016, where it was award a "Vermeil" level award (between silver and gold).

230 pages on an easy-to-use "ebook" (requires Microsoft Windows and an optical  DVD/CD+/-RW drive).  There is no installation required, although it is recommended that you copy the contents of the disk to a local hard drive as it will run quicker that way.

--> PLEASE NOTE that none of the PayPal links appear to be working at this time, so if you are interested in any items on this page or the other ones on this site, please email me your request along with your email address and I will send you a manual PayPal invoice; send your request to:   info @ stvincentstamps . com  (be sure to remove the spaces..).


-->  $19.95 + postage for USA shipments (non-Texas addresses)


-->    $19.95 + tax + postage for USA shipments (Texas addresses only)


-->    $19.95 + postage for Foreign shipments

(Note: Disks will be mailed via tracked 1st Class Parcel within the USA, and untracked Airmail to foreign destinations).

APC Stamps

On April 10, 2012, the USPS announced that on April 12 they would start a pilot program at 10 selected Post Offices across the USA that would be able to sell printed-on-demand FOREVER stamps in 6 different designs.

Lobby of the Northwest Plano, Texas Post Office with the SSSMC (Self-Service Ship And Mail Center) machine, one of the 10 pilot kiosks.

The 6 different designs that can be chosen (at this time).

The FOREVER stamps (45¢ face value at time of issue in 2012) can be purchased in sheetlets of 10 down to a single stamp (after a $1 minimum purchase).

When there is a "technical difficulty" (such as a jam or out of paper) with the machine and it can't print small labels, it goes into some sort of emergency fail-over mode (to ensure that it is still possible to print some sort of postage label until the problem can be sorted out).   In this emergency mode, the machine will use the "large" label stock to effectively print the "small" label on which the FOREVER stamps are normally printed.  This results in a wide white area to the right of the design, a vertical line and "FOLD HERE".

These "FOLD HERE" varieties can thus only be purchased if there is a problem, so it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time!  

(Please note that these designs have not been available since 2013). 

In addition to the 6 different FOREVER designs, the "Fold Here" variety can also be printed with manually entered values as well as postage class inscribed values.

In any case, obtaining this variety is extremely difficult (unless you have a way of predicting when a technical issue will occur at the machine...) and thus are fairly scarce!

I have been able to obtain a very limited quantity of these and can offer the set of 8 "Fold Here" varieties shown above via the PayPal button below.


NOTE: These particular items are now NO LONGER available from the Post Office kiosks even if it does go into the "Fold-Here" mode!  Sometime after May 16, 2012 (date code 249 on the label), the PSD manufacturer ID was changed to read "062S" instead of "0601"; this change affects all "Forever" design versions (but not the "standard large barcode matrix designs which already showed "062S" ... shown as "06    2S00" on the label).




Blank APC Labels

Rarely seen are blank (unprinted) labels from the APC kiosks.  Even more rare are multiple copies of these labels!

Shown above is the remant of a roll of small APC labels.  The inside of the tube has a label with some additional useful information, such as that the roll consists of 2,500 labels.

Shown above is the remnant from a stack of the large APC labels.  They are "Z-fold" labels and are 2-up.



A strip of 3 unprinted small APC labels.

Quantity:  very limited, only a few strips (perhaps 10) of 3 labels are available.  Please only 1 per person!

  Price:  $12 + shipping

(Please add additional $2 for shipments outside the USA!)



A pair of large unprinted APC labels with rouletting between.

Quantity:  very limited only 10 pairs available.  1 pair per person please!

  Price:  $12 + shipping (note: since the label pair is just over 11 inches, this will have to ship in a larger oversize envelope that requires a stiffener and extra postage)

(Please add additional $2 for shipments outside the USA!) 

 --> Please note this website is not an inventory system.  If I run out the items shown here, I will remove the PayPal button.  Should the item not be available when you pay with PayPal, I will refund your money.


The APC Conversions

On October 5, 2012, the APC kiosk at the Plano, Texas, ZipCode 75074 (the main post office) was converted.

The conversion started at about 8:20 AM.  Luckily I was able to purchase some of the older APC labels prior to the start of the conversion.

It took several hours; the converted kiosk was functional at approx. 4:20 PM and I was the first person to buy items after spending at least 2½ hours waiting in the post office lobby for the conversion to be completed!

What you see here are two postage labels from the same day, same kiosk and same ZipCode, yet one is the older APC style label (shown on top) and the other the newer SSSMC style label (shown at bottom).

To my knowledge, NO ONE else has this type of variety available.  Since it was difficult to find out before-hand when the conversions would take place, few people had a chance to buy labels just before and just after a conversion, and a same day / different label combination such as this is otherwise impossible to find!

Only a small number of these were purchased (10 each of these).  Some will remain in my collection and part of exhibits, but I am making 5 of these available.  First come, first serve, but only 1 set per person please (to be fair to as many collectors as possible).   Once sold out, I will remove the PayPal button.

Note: The 45c versions are now sold out, but I do have a couple of the 1c versions of the same combination available:

  $ 7.00 + $1.25 (USA shipments). ONLY 2 AVAILABLE!

   $ 7.00 + $2.50 (Foreign shipments) ONLY 2 AVAILABLE!


The (unconverted) APC kiosks issued both "Return Receipt" postcards and "Certified Mail" labels in a combination item shown above.

Normally, one could only get this in a printed format; depending on how they were bought at the kiosk, either both parts had printed information and/or barcodes or the word "Do Not Use" if one part or the other was not being used. 

UNPRINTED copies are now impossible to to find.   The USPS has basically discarded any remaining items! 

I have several strips of 3 as shown above.  First come, first serve, but only 1 set per person please (to be fair to as many collectors as possible); when sold out, the PayPal button below will be removed.

Please note that these are fairly fragile, as they were designed to be separated.  They are also fairly large.  As such, they have to be mailed in a large envelope with a thick stiffener to prevent damage, resulting in higher than usual postage costs.


  $ 8.00 + $ 2.75 USA postage


$ 8.00 + $ 4.50 Foreign postage

 APC "Holiday / Mailbox" design FOREVER Stamp ERROR (Zip 75023, dated 11*12)

For one day only, on November 13, 2012, the APC / SSSMC kiosk at the Plano "Wildcat" station (Zip Code 75023) was vending "blank" versions of the new color Holiday/Mailbox design Forever postage label.  This came about because USPS personnel had set the kiosk to print these postage labels, but neglected to actually change out the regular (unprinted) label stock with that of the color pre-printed stock, thus resulting in labels that are missing the illustration on the left side.   A few spare copies were able to be purchased; the mistake was corrected on the evening of that day, and no more available, only those listed below.

--> Very limited quantities are available, only 1 of each per customer in order to be fair to other collectors (if you choose multiple quantities, your order will be canceled and money refunded)!

--> For the December version (12*12) from Zip Code 75081, please keep scrolling down further...

 Blank Strip of 1+1, $15.00 + shipping (only 1 available)



 Blank Block of 3+1, (SOLD OUT !)


 Blank Block of 5+1, $29.95 + shipping (only 1 left!)


 Blank Block of 9+1,  (SOLD OUT !)


 Blank Block of 10, $49.95 + shipping (only 1 left!)


 Blank Single stamp, $8.95 + shipping (only 4 available; these were cut from a sheet of 10)

--> Again, please only 1 item of each type per person in order to be fair to other collectors.  Once I have sold out, the PayPal buttons will be removed.

APC "Holiday / Mailbox" design FOREVER Stamp ERROR (Zip 75081, dated 12*12)

On December 18, 2012, the above error happened again!  This is the first reported time in December, so the labels now have 12*12.  This time the error was found in Richardson, TX at Zip Code 75081.


 Blank Block of 3 + 1 void label, $15.95 + shipping (6 available)


Blank Sheetlet of 9 + 1 void label, $45.00 + shipping (1 available)


Blank Sheetlet of 10 (no void label), $49.95 + shipping (4 available)


Single stamp, $ 6.50 + shipping (5 available)

 APC black & white design on color Mailbox FOREVER Stamp ERROR

The 2nd type of error relating to the change-over to the color "mailbox" APC / SSSMC stamps is that the postal service employees change out the old blank labels to the new color mailbox labels, BUT they FORGET to change the kiosk itself to the holiday stamp mode!  This results in the 6 different black & white designs still being available but now they print on the pre-printed color label instead!  Additionally, the manually entered denominations that result in the "barcode matrix" design stamp will also print on top of the mailbox design!

--> Very limited quantities are available, only 1 of each per customer in order to be fair to other collectors (if you choose multiple quantities, your order will be canceled and money refunded)!

--> SOLD OUT, see below for singles version!   

  Set of 7 black & white designs on color mailbox errors (includes all 6 of Forever designs plus a 1c barcode matrix label as shown above) as singles (NO VOID labels on these...). $11.50 + postage (Qty available: several sets).  Note:  Shown are labels from date code 443 (11/26/2012); if I run out, I  do have some of the same labels from other dates around the same time period (late November to early December 2012).   The overprint quality on these may vary due to misadjusted printers (if the heat on the pins on the thermal printer isn't high enough, the overprint image may start to fade slightly over time, as some of these are starting to do; that is unfortunately the nature of any thermal printed item).

--> Again, please only 1 item of each type per person in order to be fair to other collectors.  Once I have sold out, the PayPal buttons will be removed.


  APC Spiderman (Spidey) Missing right-side printing

When the printhead is not quite fully snapped in place (either left or right side), then there is a tiny gap which is sufficient to cause the thermal coating to NOT be activated on that side.   In this case, the printhead was not fully closed on the right side, leaving it blank when printing.  The right side could contain either a FOREVER stamp endorsement (if printing an even number of stamps or  "THIS BLOCK IS NOT VALID FOR POSTAGE" if an odd number of stamps was being purchased).   The Spiderman stamps consist of a color pre-printed image to which the thermal printer adds a 2D barcode matrix, the serial number (vertically) and the word FOREVER.


  Price:  $ 3.95 (includes postage in the USA): Pair of Spiderman ERROR stamps with the left side properly endorsed as postage (2D barcode, serial nr. and FOREVER) and the right side is blank.


  Price:  $ 7.95 (includes postage in the USA): Block of 4 Spiderman ERROR stamps with the left side column properly endorsed as postage (2D barcode, serial nr. and FOREVER) and the right-side column of stamps is blank.


  Price:  $19.95 (includes postage in the USA): Full sheet of 10 Spiderman stamps with the left side properly endorsed as postage (2D barcode, serial nr. and FOREVER) and the right-side is blank.

Note: Postage (within the USA) is included for the above items.  If you are NOT in the USA, please contact me.   Only a limited number of these errors are available, so please only ONE (1) per collector (to give others a chance to obtain these).  Once I run out, the PayPal button will be removed.

Video of the purchasing of this error: 

(note: the above is a WMV - windows media video file, about 3.3 MB in size and should open up in your computer in a separate Windows Media Player windows; due to its' size and your internet connection speed, it may take a few seconds to a few minutes to download).  If you are NOT on a Windows computer, you may have to right-click on the file to download it and play with a separate media player.


SSK  Charlie Brown holiday design Upside-down Stamp ERROR

I have a limited number of single stamps (1 stamp + 1 Void label) available where the Charlie Brown design is upside down in relation to the Forever & Barcode imprint.   While there was more than 1 machine in the USA known to have produced this error, I was fortunate enough to purchase duplicates copies.


The scan above shows the upside-down at the top and a regular stamp at the bottom.

I have a limited number of these available:

 ($28.00 + postage for USA shipments).    For foreign shipments, please contact me first. 

  Regular APC Stamps For Sale

The APC stamps below are sold as singles.   A representative scan of the overall design is shown; the stamp(s) you will receive can be from a variety of dates or machines.  

Mailbox - First color APC stamp (Christmas 2012):  $3.50/each + postage


Reindeer - Second color APC stamp (Christmas 2013):   $3.50/each + postage



USPS Eagle (on pink stripe label) (November 2013 onward, scarce):  $3.50/each + postage


USPS Eagle (on clear stripe label) (November 2013 onward):  $3.00/each + postage



Spiderman (April - late 2014):  $2.50/each + postage

Color Flag (April 2014 onward):  $1.75/each + postage


Rudolph the Reindeer (Christmas 2014):  $2.50/each + postage





Also available: 

Charlie Brown (Christmas 2015)                      $2.50/each + postage

Wreath in Holiday Window (Christmas 2016)      $2.50/each + postage 

Christmas Cookies (Christmas 2017)             $2.50/each + postage

New (Red) Flag (2018)                                     $1.50/each + postage

(Blue) Flag (2018), from new machines            $2.00/each + postage 

Santa Claus (Christmas 2018 & 2019)            $2.00/each + postage

--> If you have an interest in the above, please send me a message.

Most of these may have the "void" label attached to the right (but this is not guaranteed).  On the earlier 2012 to 2014 stamps, some minor fading may be present: this is normal for all thermally printed stamps.  I will send the best possible quality available in stock.

I have several of each of these, please contact me first if ordering more than 2 or 3 of each to ensure I have them available.  Blocks of 3, sheets of 9+1 or 10 may also available; please inquire first!


APC to SSMC Exhibit

My 96-page (6 frame) exhibit entitled "Automated Postal Center Conversions - Date Codes 215 - 787" is now available at my Dropbox site, click here to view or download it (it is a PDF file).   This exhibit was shown on:

  • November 10-11, 2012, 25th Annual EXPO of the Mid-Cities Stamp Club (Gold Award) as a 3-frame exhibit
  • March 1-3, 2013 at TEXPEX (at the Hilton DFW Lakes Excecutive Center near DFW Airport) as a 4-frame exhibit (Silver award & APS Research Medal)
  • November 9-10, 2013, 26th Annual EXPO of the Mid-Cities Stamp Club (Gold Award & Grand Award) as a 6-frame exhibit.
  • Feb. 28-March 2, 2014 at TEXPEX.

I have just created a new exhibit, entitled "Automated Postal Center (APC) Developments from Oct. 2013 to Oct. 2014" is now available at my Dropbox site, click here to view or download it (it is a PDF file, approx. 4 MB in size).   This exhibit was shown on:

  • November 8-9, 2014, 27th Annual EXPO of the Mid-Cities Stamp Club as a 2-frame exhibit
  • Feb. 28 - March 1, 2015 at TEXPEX 2015 in Grapevine, TX

The above exhibit has been redone with a different scope and as a 1-frame (16-page) exhibit, entitled "The Spidey Stamp & Its Promotion".  It is available at my Dropbox site, click here to view or download it (it is a PDF file).   This exhibit was shown on:

  • November 13 & 14, 2015 at the 28th Annual EXPO of the Mid-Cities Stamp Club
  • February 26-28, 2016 at TEXPEX 2016
  • 2016 to 2018 in the Annual EXPO of the Mid-Cities Stamp Club
It will be shown again on:
  • November 8 & 9, 2019 at the 32nd Annual EXPO of the Mid-Cities Stamp Club

My Charlie Brown ATM Stamp exhibit is now also available here:  

Charlie Brown ATM Exhibit 

This exhibit will be shown again on November 8 & 9 at the 32nd Annual MCSC EXPO.


A brand new 48-page exhibit about all the changes at the SSK (self-service kiosk) machines that occurred in the year 2018 at US Post Offices, along with all the differences in stamps & postage labels can be downloaded from this link:

SSK 2018 Changes at the Machines, Their Stamps & Postage Labels

This exhibit was shown for the first time at the 32nd Annual EXPO of the Mid-Cities Stamp Club, on November 8 & 9, 2019 at the Grapevine Convention Center (in Grapevine, Texas, near the DFW Airport). 

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