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Spanish & USA ATM stamp exhibits

USA "Charlie Brown" ATM Postage Label Stamp Exhibit

 My 1-frame exhibit entitled "The 2015 Charlie Brown SSK Postage Label" exhibit is now available for viewing here:  Charlie Brown ATM Exhibit

Spanish ATM Stamp Exhibit 

My 4-frame exhibit entitled "Introduction to Spanish Thermal ATM Postage Labels, Their Varieties & Usages" is now available here:   Spanish ATM Exhibit 

This 64-page (4-frame) exhibit will be shown for the first time at the 28th Annual EXPO of the Mid-Cities Stamp Club on November 13 & 14, 2015 in Grapevine, TX.


SuperTarget Mail&Go Trials Exhibit

My 1-frame (16 page) exhibit about the SuperTarget Mail & Go trials received a gold medal and also the Single-frame Grand Award at the Mid-Cities Stamp Club 25th Annual EXPO.  If you weren't at the show, you can download the PDF file (about 3 MB) from my SkyDrive account here: 

Mail & Go Stamp Exhibit


Liechtenstein Frama Postage Label Machine

On August 3, 2013, I happened to be in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.  Outside their main post office is one of the few remaining "Frama" postage label machines (the Swiss shut theirs down completely in 2012), while Liechtenstein has elected (for now) to keep using them.

Here's a brief (1 min. 50 sec.) video of me buying labels at this machine:  Liechtenstein Frama Machine


You are visitor # 


I have created two different set of album pages for the Spanish ATM stamps:



  1. A 26-page stamp album with one space for each pre-printed (for either or both peseta and Euro currencies)
  2. A comprehensive 111-page stamp album that in addition to the currencies, also covers all the varieties (fonts & number of digits varieties)

Either version of the pages also covers the Andorra ATM issues

The album is arranged in the order that the Michel Automatenmarken catalog describes them.  One color illustration is present for each ATM stamp design making it easier to locate.


Set of 26 printed album pages: 

You will receive:   26 pages, single-side full-color laser printed on 28 lb. 8.5"x11" paper and 3-hole punched for standard (USA) binders (binder NOT included).   I only print these as needed based on demand.

Cost:   $ 20.00 postpaid ($13.55 + $6.45 priority mail postage) in the USA; for foreign shipments, please contact me for shipping costs.   Texas shipments will add sales tax..


Set of 111 printed album pages:

You will receive:   111 pages, single-side full-color laser printed on 28 lb. 8.5"x11" paper and 3-hole punched for standard (USA) binders (binder NOT included).   I only print these as needed based on demand.

  Cost:   $ 45.00 postpaid ($38.55 + $6.45 priority mail postage) in the USA; for foreign shipments, please contact me for shipping costs.   Texas shipments will add sales tax.


Want to print your own pages? 

I will e-mail you a PDF file upon payment.  Please specify if you want the 111-page or 26-page version.  The file is password protected and approx. 1.5 MB in size for 111-page version, less for the 26-page version

    Cost:  $ 10.00 via email. 



ATM & CVP Stamps & Labels for Sale


On October 18, 2011, Pitney Bowes in conjunction with Super Target Stores started a test of "Mail&Go" kiosks in the greater Dallas / Ft. Worth (Texas) metro area that dispense US Postage either as self-adhesive stamps or as thermal postage labels.

 --> PLEASE NOTE:  Some items shown for sale below may be sold out, please inquire before  ordering!

8 locations around the DFW metro area were involved.

The 29¢, 30¢ and 31¢ denominated stamps were short-lived and only had a short window of availability, from October 18, 2011 to January 22, 2012.   After the new postage rates took effect on January 23, 2012 (at the kiosks only, officially it was January 22nd nationwide), these 3 rates were no longer available from the kiosks.   


It has been an interesting experience gathering the various stamp sheets and labels at the different locations.  Below are a few of the extra items that I have obtained, including some errors.   All of these 8 kiosks were removed in mid-January, 2013 (shortly before the postage rate changes on January 27, 2013) since Super Target apparently did not renew their contract with Pitney Bowes.


So where are the Mail&Go kiosks located now?  Good question!  Pitney Bowes does NOT provide anyone with a list of locations of their kiosks.   I have started an online Google spreadsheet where we can collaborate on putting in a list of known locations.  To access the online spreadsheet, please go here:   PB Mail&Go kiosk listing

If you are interested in buying any of the items below, simply click on the BuyNow button, then come back to this screen to add more.  When finished be sure to add postage (use the separate button for that).  On the checkout menu, you can adjust quantities and then proceed to pay with PayPal.

Please note that the quantities listed are manually maintained by me; if in doubt, please contact me first to ensure that the items are still available (if not, I'll refund your money via PayPal.

--> Items shown below with a PayPal button are available right now.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Quantities of all items are limited to 1! 

Unless otherwise specified, do NOT order more than 1 of each item.

The shopping cart system is NOT an inventory system and doesn't actually know how much I have of any given item, so changing the quantity ordered in the cart doesn't mean I can ship that quantity.   A few items I do have more than 1 of, so only those can be ordered that way.


ERROR Sheet - Printed on the backside!

There are only 11 of these error sheets in existence (10x - 29c value and 1x - 44c value)

Additionally, these were purchased on the LAST DAY of the old postage rates (January 21, 2012).

The picture below shows both the back and front side of the sheets, showing that the stamp label side (which has "PitneyBowes Mail&Go" on it is the unprinted side!).





Quantity available: 0 sheet

SOLD OUT! ($100)


Another interesting item to add to your collection would be an 

Unprinted Mail&Go Stamp Sheet.

Each sheet is approx. 4" x 6" and has 10x stamp labels with simulated die-cut perforations.

Scan has been enhanced to show the die-cuts.


Quantity available:  500+ sheets

  ($ 0.50 per sheet, to order more than 1, change the quantity in the shopping cart)

Note: When figuring postage, add 1 unit of postage (see bottom of this page) below for every 25 blank sheets that are ordered).


Mail&Go ERROR sheet printed upside down

Actually, it is the label that is upside down, not the printing.  The selvedge with the words "PitneyBowes  mail&go" are normally on the left side, not the right.

Only 35 sheets are known to me (as I bought them...), vended either on February 4th or February 8th.  Denominations vended included several sheets of 32¢, 33¢, 45¢, 65¢, 90¢ & $1.05 sheets and only 1 sheet of the $9.99 value.   Several sheets have already been sold to various collectors and several will remain in my own collection and upcomng exhibit, leaving only a handful (less than 8) available to other collectors.

Quantity available: 0 sheet 

SOLD OUT!  ($40)


PitneyBowes Mail&Go Postage Label Strips

The Pitney Bowes mail&go kiosks also sell postage label strips, ranging in value from 1¢ to $99.99.

Quantity available:  20+ labels

 ($0.40 per 1c label)

--> Labels with postage values other than 1¢ are available, please inquire.


PitneyBowes Mail&Go 30¢ LAST DAY of SALE single

While January 22, 2012 marked the change of postage rates in the USA, the Mail&Go kiosks were NOT updated until the mid-morning next day.  Once the new rates were available at the kiosk, the minimum value that was possible was 32¢, thus eliminating the 29¢, 30¢ and 31¢ stamps.

The 29¢, 30¢ and 31¢ rate stamps were thus available only for about 3 months (October 18, 2011 to January 22, 2012, and in theory also for about 3 hours in the morning of January 23rd).

I am offering individual stamps from this sheet.  They will be transferred to different backing paper since it is not not feasible to leave them on the original backing paper.  This particular stamp is from the Garland location.

Quantity available:  4 stamps



Actual mailed 32¢ Mail&Go Stamp on a Postcard (within USA only)

I will mail to your address a 32¢ Mail&Go stamp (within the USA only) on a picture or advertising postcard (my choice) with a current postmark.  (Note: current rate is 33c, so I will have to use an additional 1c stamp!)

SOLD OUT! ($2.50 within USA only, no extra postage required!).  Quantity available: 0

Actual mailed $1.05 Mail&Go Stamp on a Postcard (Foreign only)

I will mail to your address (outside the USA only) a $1.05 Mail&Go stamp on a picture or advertising postcard (my choice) with a current postmark.  (Note: current rate is $1.10, so I will have to use an additional 5c stamp!).

SOLD OUT!  ($3.50 outside USA only, no extra postage required!).  Quantity available:  10+


Flag Stamp Sheets:

I have the following available on some of the earlier items. QUANTITIES ARE VERY LIMITED (especially the full sheets, only 1 or 2 full sheets are available, and usually only a few singles remain at this time).  Once sold out, I'll remove the PayPal link.  If sold out and I didn't have the items, I'll refund your PayPal payment.

 ($4)   29¢ POSTCARD rate, single stamp, January 21, 2012, last official day of 29¢ USA postcard rate, Garland location.  Quantity available:  6 stamps

SOLD OUT!     ($20)   29¢ POSTCARD rate, full sheet, same as above.  Quantity available:  0 sheet


  ($5)   44¢ FIRST CLASS rate, individual stamp, January 21, 2012, last official day of 44¢ USA first class rate, Garland location.  Quantity available:  7 stamps

SOLD OUT! ($25)  44¢ FIRST CLASS rate, full sheet, January 21, 2012, same as above.  Quantity available:  0 sheets


  ($4)   29¢ POSTCARD rate, individual stamp, January 22, 2012.  Technically not possible, since the Postcard rate changed to 32¢ that day!  But since Pitney Bowes neglected to update the postage rates properly that day, it was possible to purchase this option for one day.  Quantity available:  4 stamps

  ($5)   30¢ rate, individual stamp, January 22, 2012.  LAST DAY of availability of the 30¢ since the Postcard rate changed to 32¢ that day; since the lowest denomination for these stamps is based on the postcard rates, stamps with denominations of less than 32¢ are no longer available and thus had only a short availability from October 18, 2011 to January 22, 2012.  Quantity available:  5 stamps

SOLD OUT!   ($16)   29¢ POSTCARD rate, full sheet, January 22, 2012.  Same as above, but full sheet.  Quantity available:  0 sheets


  ($5)   44¢ FIRST CLASS rate, individual stamps, January 22, 2012.  Technically not possible, since the First Class rate changed to 45¢ that day!  But since Pitney Bowes neglected to update the postage rates properly that day, it was possible to purchase this option for one day.  Quantity available:  4 stamps

SOLD OUT!   ($18)    44¢ FIRST CLASS rate, January 22, 2012, full sheet.  Same as above, but full sheet.  Quantity available: 0


  ($3)   32¢ POSTCARD rate, individual stamp, January 23, 2012, FIRST DAY of SALE of new 32¢ USA postcard rate at the kiosk, Garland location.  Quantity available: 4 stamps

SOLD OUT!   ($12)   32¢ POSTCARD rate, full sheet, January 23, 2012, same as above.  Quantity available: 0


   ($3.50)   45¢ FIRST CLASS rate, individual stamp, January 23, 2012, FIRST DAY of SALE of new 45¢ USA postcard rate at the kiosk, Garland location.  Quantity available: 7 stamps

SOLD OUT!  ($15)  45¢ FIRST CLASS rate, full sheet, January 23, 2012, same as above.  Quantity available: 0


FIRST DAY OF SALE at the Kiosk

  ($10)   44¢ FIRST CLASS rate, individual stamp, FIRST DAY of SALE at this kiosk - October 18, 2011, Dallas locationQuantity available: 1 stamp


  ($10)   44¢ FIRST CLASS rate, individual stamp, FIRST DAY of SALE at this kiosk - October 19, 2011, Lewisville location.   Quantity available: 4 stamps


  ($10)   44¢ FIRST CLASS rate, individual stamp, FIRST DAY of SALE at this kiosk - October 20, 2011, Garland locationQuantity available: 5 stamps 


Various mail&go flag stamps

   ($1.50)   32¢ POSTCARD rate, individual stamp, various dates.  Quantity available:  3 stamps in-stock


SOLD OUT!           ($7.50)   32¢ POSTCARD rate, full sheets, various dates. Quantity available: 1 sheet in-stock


  ($1.75)   45¢ FIRST CLASS rate, individual stamps, various dates.   Quantity available: 10+ stamps in-stock


   ($9)     45¢ FIRST CLASS rate, full sheets, various dates.  Quantity available: 1 sheet in-stock


65¢ & 90¢ FIRST CLASS rate inscribed stamps are also available as sheets of 10.  Quantity available:  0

Thermal Postage Labels:

I'll add some of these after I've had a chance to go through the few that I bought as spares...

Note:  Thermal labels can be obtained with user selected values from 32¢ upwards without rate class inscription and can also be obtained with the following inscriptions: POSTCARD, FIRST-CLASS, FIRST-CLASS MAIL INTL, PARCEL POST, PRIORITY MAIL, PRIORITY BOX, PRIORITY ENVELOPE, PRIORITY TUBE, PRIORITY IRREGULAR SHAPE and EXPRESS MAIL.


--> Don't see what you need?      All mail&go kiosks at SuperTarget in the Dallas area were removed in late January, 2013.  I can therefore no longer purchase any more of these stamps!   There are some publicly kiosks located in various universities around the USA and also at several RiteAid Pharmacy stores in the vicinity of Salinas, California.  There are unfortunately no more kiosks anywhere close to me.


Garland Kiosk 1-Year Anniversary covers:

The Garland Kiosk had its' 1-year Anniversary on October 20, 2012.

I was only able to purchase several items that morning, but did create several special "1-Year Anniversary" covers:

I will sell approximately 5 covers as shown above (please only 1 per person to give everyone a chance!).   The postmark shown above is from my own "Private Mailers Postmark Permit"; however, since October 20, 2012 has already passed, I can no longer actually mail an item with that date on it (as per US Post Office rules, while I can apply my own postmark to outgoing mail, items HAVE to be mailed on the date indicated on the postmark and from the Zip Code indicated); as such, all I can do is mail this envelope under cover.

 ($10 + $3 USA shipping [no need to add postage option from below for this item!]

 ($10 + $5.50 foreign shipping [no need to add postage option from below for this item!]

Note: If you are in the USA, I can also actually mail this item, but it would be at your risk (as far as the US Postal Service damaging it while in-transit), also, it would receive the current day postmark from the US Post Office.   




SHIPPING:  Please add the following to your order before completing it (if you don't, I'll have to cancel & refund your order):

Domestic (USA) Shipping & Handling:      

 ($4.25, tracking but NO insurance!)

Domestic (USA) Shipping & Handling:      

 ($7.85, Priority Mail with US Postal Service insurance!)


Foreign (non-USA) Shipping & Handling


Note: Items are shipped via First Class within the USA and First Class International (Airmail) outside the USA.  All shipments are at your risk unless you choose the option with insurance!.  If ordering over $100, inusrnace is required!  Insurance is not available for foreign shipments, however, Registered Mail is available at $16.00 additional or you have to choose "First Class Priority" -> please ask first so that I can calculate the shipping costs for you!



New Mail & Go postage label designs

On January 7, 2013, 24 new mail&go postage label designs debuted at the mail&go kiosk at the Garland, Texas SuperTarget store (and presumably also in the other 7 stores in the Dallas / Ft. Worth plus the 3 in Oklahoma).

In addition to the "US Flag" design, the following designs are now available.

Very short lived will be the 32c stamps (either POSTCARD inscribed or plain), as the rates go to 33c on January 27th.  The lowest value stamps that the kiosks sell are for the postcard rate, thus the 32c stamps will only be available for 20 days!   The same goes for the 45c, 65c FIRST CLASS stamps that will go to 46c and 66c.


Bridal Shower stamp design


Canada flag stamp design (unusual, one of the few instances in which a foreign flag is featured as the sole design element on US Postage)


Graduation stamp design


Father's Day stamp design


Halloween stamp design with moon and bats

Halloween stamp design with pumpkin


Birthday stamp design with cupcake


Easter stamp design with easter eggs


Hanukkah stamp design with Dreidel


Holiday stamp design with ornaments


Independence Day stamp design with Lady Liberty and fireworks


Kwanzaa stamp design with candles


New Year stamp design with champagne glass and bubbles


Thanksgiving stamp design with pumpkin


Christmas stamp design with boxed presents


Christmas stamp design with Christmas trees


Mother's Day stamp design with flowers


Recycle stamp design with green recycle circular arrows


Season's Greetings stamp design with snowman


St. Patrick's Day stamp design with green hat


Breast Cancer Awareness stamp design with pink ribbon


Support Education stamp design with handwriting and apple


US Flag stamp design (this is the design originally available on the kiosks since October 18, 2011)


Valentine's Day stamp design with hearts


Wedding stamp design with wedding cake and hearts


At this point, I do not have any spares of the stamps shown above with the first day of sale of January 7, 2013.  The 32c values will only be available through January 26, 2013.

I was able to purchase these as needed for a couple of days; all stamps came in sheets of 10.  Thus a complete set of 25 sheets is $80.00 face value.  It also takes at least 30 minutes in front of the kiosk to buy 1 set!  Additionally there is a 15 minute drive to get to the kiosk.  There are also limits as to how many sets can be purchased in one day (due to limitations at the mail&go kiosk). 

UNAVAILABLE 1 set of 25 sheets of 32c POSTCARD inscribed stamps (only available until January 26, 2013), US $120.00 plus USA domestic insured shipping (for foreign shipments, please inquire first!) --> On January 24, 2013, the kiosk at the Garland, Texas SuperTarget store was "out of service".  I was told that SuperTarget did NOT renew their contract, and as such, the kiosk will be removed!   Supposedly, the Dallas kiosk was still functioning, but had no way of checking this out on January 24.

Note:  These stamps are still available, at present in about 11 different "RiteAid" Stores in the Salinas, California area, as well as various Universities around the country.   Unfortunately I am NOT anywhere near a Mail & Go kiosk, so I can no longer procure new items.   The only items that I do have for sale are listed above with a PayPal "Add To Cart" button next to it.

Spanish ATM Stamps

I have a large box of spare Spanish ATM stamps available for sale.  I have many lots of 30 different used ATM stamps available (see picture below).

       You will receive 30 different hand-picked ATM stamps from this box.  Price:  only $ 5.95 + postage

  $5.95 + $1.25 USA shipping

  $5.95 + $2.50 Foreign shipping


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