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Computer Vended Postage

CVP are postage stamps or postage that you can print from a computer.  Generally this requires an account with an authorized postage provider, an internet connection and a printer.

Deutsche Post (the German Postal Service) has a product called "Internetmarke" (internet stamp) that allows you to print your own postage on demand for a variety of mailings and services.

I have just created a 32-page exhibit about a temporary "make-up rate" internet stamp that Deutsche Post had temporarily available from January 1 to March 31, 2014.   Since German postage laws do NOT allow internet stamps to be co-mingled with regular postage stamps on a letter or mailing, they created this make-up rate stamp to allow people to use up stamps printed in 2013.  

A copy of this exhibit can be found here (this requires a PDF reader).

Deutsche Post has 335 designs available.  Here is a set of 12 featuring signs of the Zodiac:

Copies of the above are available laser printed on self-adhesive labels.

 For USA shipments: $3.95 postpaid

 For Foreign shipments:  $4.95 postpaid


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