Personalized, ATM & CVP Postage Stamps

Website for collectors of USA personalized postage stamps,
ATM [vending machine] and CVP [computer vended
postage] stamps & labels

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As a stamp collector, I have created various sites here at, links to these sites is shown below:


Stamp Websites: 

St. Vincent stamps:
St. Vincent postcards:
War Tax stamps:
Airports on Stamps:

Audi Stamps:     

My Life on Wheels:

Mid-Cities Stamp Club newsletters:
Dallas-Park Cities Philatelic Society:




Non-Stamp Websites:

Beta videotape to DVD conversions:

Beta videotapes for sale:            

Michigan Punk Rock:                 



In addition to the personalized postage stamps available on this site, you can also order full sheets of a couple of the designs, plus a few that are not shown here by ordering them directly from at the link below: 

(Zazzle Stamps Public Gallery)


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